Fort Vancouver Food Basket

Fort Vancouver Food Basket

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This basket is sure to delight the foodies in your life. Featuring foods with specific ties to Fort Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest, channel your inner gourmand this holiday season and support the Friends of Fort Vancouver with your purchase! With a $100 retail value this bundle offers you a great opportunity to get a memorable gift at a great price.





Jacobsen Salt Co. Garlic Salt

Friends of Fort Vancouver Chocolate (Milk Chocolate)

Jacobsen Salt Co. Stumptown Coffee Flake Salt

Oolong (20 teabags)

Peppermint (20 Caffeine-Free teabags)

La Lucina 4pc Measuring Spoon Set (metal fish)

Native Beauty - Spring Chinook Smoked Canned Salmon

Native Beauty - Steelhead Fresh Canned

Native Beauty - Spring Chinook Fresh Canned