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Fort Vancouver Virtual Reality (FVvr) April 2016

FRIENDS is honored to have partnered with NPS and Vancouver Schools to support FVvr (pronounced "Fever") a virtual reality tour of Fort Vancouver created by students from iTech Preparatory School in Vancouver, Washington. Students worked with NPS at Fort Vancouver for over a year and a half to create FVvr as an educational tool for individuals who ...
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Superintendent Tracy A. Fortmann's Comments at the Re-Opening of the Visitor Center

On November 14, 2015 Superintendent Tracy A. Fortmann spoke at the public re-opening of the Visitor Center at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Following are some excerpts from her comments: "This building was built in 1961 and was part of a national initiative, with grassroots support. It was built in anticipation of the National Park Ser...
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Lillian Pitt: Getting to Know the Artist

Lillian Pitt is a Native American artist from the Big River (Columbia River) region of the Pacific Northwest. Born on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon, she is a descendent of Wasco, Yakama, and Warm Springs people. She is one of the most highly regarded Native American artists in the Pacific Northwest. Her works have been exhibited and review...
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