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Jim Thayer: Hiking from Portland to Coast

​ The newest book from author, historian and naturalist Thayer is Hiking from Portland to the Coast (OSU Press, 2016). Mr. Thayer's previous book, Portland's Forest Hikes explores hiking Forest Park and the wooded slopes leading almost to Scappoose, Oregon. Hiking from Portland to Coast is the extension of that prior book, starting in Scappoos...
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Fourth of July, 2017

The National Park Service and the Friends of Fort Vancouver invite you to events and demonstrations at the reconstructed Fort at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site on July 4, 2017. Items relating to the Site and the holiday, as well as snacks, will be for sale near the Fort during Fort hours, 12:00 noon to 8:00pm. The NPS Visitor Center and ...
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Every Kid in the Park 2016-2017 School Transportation Grant

We are excited to let our Friends know about the local success of the "Every Kid in the Park" (EKIP) program. This is a program of the National Park Foundation (NPF) to allow school districts who would not be able to bring their fourth grade students to a National Park because of the cost of transportation to be reimbursed for those costs. The Frie...
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Chkalvosk Russian Artwork, June 24, 2017

Bears on Fish, hand carved wooden figurine with intricate painted details in Chkalovsk style
In honor of the 80th Anniversary of the World's First Transpolar Flight, a selection of paintings featuring Chkalovsk, Russia – birthplace and namesake of the lead pilot Valery Chkalov – will be featured in the Bookstore at the Visitor Center. The paintings are the work of Russian artists who live in the Chkalovsk region. Chkalovsk lies on the Volg...
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Lillian Pitt, Artist

Lillian Pitt Invitation | Ceramic mask with feathers and beads
For a limited time the work of internationally acclaimed Pacific Northwest Native American artist Lillian Pitt will be available at the Friends Shop in the Visitor Center at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Her work includes prints, sculptures, native masks, jewelry, tiles and more. This is one of the few places in the Pacific Northwest t...
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