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YULETIDE: Trees, Gifts and Gratitude

1089px-Still_Life_-_Boeuf_a_la_mode Yuletide: Trees, Gifts and Gratitude
 It's redundant to say that year 2020 has been a most "unusual" year. At a time when we sought warm embraces, laughter and at least a smidgeon of kindness, 2020 introduced us to facemasks, social distancing and deadly disease. Setting the present aside, let's step back in time to the 19th century at the Fort Vancouver historic site and Clark C...
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Christmas in the Hudson's Bay Company Wilds in 1877

Harper's Weekly – Saturday, January 13, 1877 One of the most popular periodicals in North America was the well-known Harper's Weekly that offered national and international news, fashionable styles, advertisements for life's necessities, and the ever-wonderful political cartoons. In the 1870's, the families of Vancouver Barracks were often well-acq...
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Art Workshop: Direct Drawing with Pam Gunn

The Friends of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site are thrilled to bring you another art workshop courtesy of our friend Pam Gunn. In this workshop, viewers will learn the basic skills necessary to complete beautiful projects using direct drawing to create fabulous botanical illustrations. To learn more about the Friends of Fort Vancouver, become...
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The Voice of this Stone

The Voice of this Stone: Learning from Volcanic Disasters Around the World  On the fortieth anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens, this is an excellent read and resource to volcanic eruptions worldwide. Kevin Scott's newest book features the magnificence of volcanoes and their disasters around the world. Dr. Kevin Scott offers chilli...
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Adapted from interviews and excerpted from "Volcano Rescue" by Roland v. Emetaz in a 1980 edition of Mazama magazine. Foreword: Roland V. Emetaz is a founding board member of the Friends of Fort Vancouver. Known as "Mr. Em" to many, he is a retired Forester with the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region. After devoting his long and enjoyabl...
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