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Public Lands Alliance Highlights Friends of Fort Vancouver

View of the reconstructed Fort Vancouver from the Heritage Garden.

Amanda Keith wrote a lovely article, "Friends of Fort Vancouver Tells the Rich Story of a Historic and Culture Site through Programs and Retail," for the Public Lands Alliance highlighting Fort Vancouver and the work of The Friends of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Her article shares a wonderful overview of the extensive history of the area which is just one of the many reasons the site continues to be a favorite for visitors. Keith also discusses the ongoing involvement of Friends with site visitors, community, National Park Service, and US Forest Service to promote the historic site, bookstore and gallery in the Visitors Center, ongoing programs and events.

The Friends of Fort Vancouver help support and promote a variety of educational programs and events to enhance the visitor experience. The group works to involve the surrounding communities as active participants, donors and volunteers. Behind the scenes, the Friends help sponsor workshops for the costumers and for the 19th century blacksmiths and carpenters who volunteer within the reconstructed fort. They also assist with Civil War, WWI and WWII re-enactment events which keep volunteers engaged and help broaden the visitors' perception of the 232-acre site.

Amanda Keith

​The Public Lands Alliance article shares information about the National Park Service Kid's Dig program, our ongoing work to promote the many cultures and traditions of the area, and much more.

Author Jane Kirkpatrick: October 21, 2017
Costume Department Ribbon Pansy Workshop

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