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Every Kid in the Park 2016-2017 School Transportation Grant


We are excited to let our Friends know about the local success of the "Every Kid in the Park" (EKIP) program. This is a program of the National Park Foundation (NPF) to allow school districts who would not be able to bring their fourth grade students to a National Park because of the cost of transportation to be reimbursed for those costs. The Friends of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) at Fort Vancouver applied for and received an EKIP grant from NPF for qualifying schools in local school districts. It reimburses transportation costs for schools who do not have the funds to bring their fourth graders to a National Park.

The photo shows fourth graders from César Chávez K-8 on their recent trip to the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Below is the text of a letter from their teacher, Ordella Reynolds: 

The three fourth grade classes from our school participated in the Fort Vancouver tour yesterday. It was a unique opportunity for our children to participate in experiential learning.

Our school is a diverse, multilingual community with 100% of children on a free lunch.  Students and families struggle to have basic needs met and our school partners with many resources to assist them.  Most of our students have never been outside their neighborhood: they do not get to see and do many things that other children take for granted.

It would not be possible for our students to pay admission or bus costs to go on this field trip. The Every Kid in a Park fee waiver and bus transportation help of $250 made it possible for our students to attend. 

Thank you for your role in serving our young scholar-citizens and providing equity in their educational experience. The kids were truly amazed by the buildings and artifacts. It helped bring their studies of the geography, history and economics of the region to life.

Please enjoy some samples of student writing following the field trip and a picture of my class.

With deep gratitude,

Ordella Reynolds

 Friends of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site will be applying for this program again for the 2017-2018 school year.

Photos courtesy of César Chávez K-8 and used with permission.

Fourth of July, 2017
Chkalvosk Russian Artwork, June 24, 2017

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