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"Another Way of Saying God's Country"

image US Army mule drawn wagon, Vancouver Barracks, Washington

(Chapter 2: "Another Way of Saying God's Country") Washington residents never fully accepted the name of their territory and new state. The earliest pioneers criticized Congress for setting aside their local favorite, Columbia, in the 1853 legislation establishing a separate territorial administration for the northern regions of Oregon. During the ...

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Fourth of July Oration in Oregon (Excerpt from The Squibob Papers)


The Squibob PapersI.Fourth of July Oration in OregonCorrespondence"Fort Vancouver, W.T., June 15, 1856. John Pheonix, Esq., Sergt. Major, etc.""Dear Sir: -- I am requested by a number of your brother officers, and other gentlemen, to solicit you to deliver the oration at the celebration of the approaching Fourth of July, at this post."Very respectf...

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Jane Jacobsen's Memorial Walk July 3rd

You are welcome to join the Friends in remembering founding board member Jane Jacobsen on a self-guided walk through the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Friends and Jane's family will be on hand at the Fort Vancouver Visitor Center to greet walkers between 9 AM and Noon. The public is welcome! A map and brief guide to Jane's favorite sites a...

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Squibob - A Trip to Oregon (excerpt)

What follows is an excerpt from Squibob An Early California Humorist this book can be purchased from the Friends of Fort Vancouver Bookstore in person or on the Friends of Fort Vancouver Alibris site at   A Trip to Oregon First Printed in the San Francisco Herald, October 18, 1855 On t...

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YULETIDE: Trees, Gifts and Gratitude

1089px-Still_Life_-_Boeuf_a_la_mode Yuletide: Trees, Gifts and Gratitude

 It's redundant to say that year 2020 has been a most "unusual" year. At a time when we sought warm embraces, laughter and at least a smidgeon of kindness, 2020 introduced us to facemasks, social distancing and deadly disease. Setting the present aside, let's step back in time to the 19th century at the Fort Vancouver historic site and Clark C...

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