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Christmas Stories: A tale from December 1871

Vancouver Barracks (Date Unknown)  December 1871. By Frances M.A. Roe. Our first Christmas on the frontier was ever so pleasant, but it certainly was most vexatious not to have that box from home. And I expect it has been at Kit Carson for days, waiting to be brought down. We had quite a little Christmas without it, however, for a number of th...

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Christmas in the Hudson's Bay Company Wilds in 1877

Harper's Weekly – Saturday, January 13, 1877 One of the most popular periodicals in North America was the well-known Harper's Weekly that offered national and international news, fashionable styles, advertisements for life's necessities, and the ever-wonderful political cartoons. In the 1870's, the families of Vancouver Barracks were often well-acq...

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Art Workshop: Direct Drawing with Pam Gunn

The Friends of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site are thrilled to bring you another art workshop courtesy of our friend Pam Gunn. In this workshop, viewers will learn the basic skills necessary to complete beautiful projects using direct drawing to create fabulous botanical illustrations. To learn more about the Friends of Fort Vancouver, become...

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A Stroll Through Arlington National Cemetery

 Arlington National Cemetery. Hallowed ground where many of the nation's veterans have been laid to rest. Heroes and statesmen, enlisted and officers, women and men who have served in naval and military departments in wars and peacetime since the Civil War. Thousands lie there evoking past events and memories untold. Some are renowned through ...

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Lillian Pitt's Fabric Masks!

The Friends of Fort Vancouver are excited to announce a collaboration with artist Lillian Pitt. Using designs from Lillian's artwork, these handmade fabric masks are made of 100% washable cotton and 40% of all sales of these masks are donated to the Warm Springs Museum! Learn More: 

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