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Contemporary Masks Inspired by Chinookan Stories

Visit the Fort Vancouver Visitor Center to see an exhibit of nine contemporary masks inspired by beings from traditional stories of Chinookan peoples. The masks represent She Who Watches, Raven, Yuhlma, The Darkness One, Coyote, Salmon, Swallowing Monster, Wind, and Atathlia. They were created by Artist Bill Rutherford. For Chinookan peoples along ...
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Betsy White Wing Ough

"Founder of Washougal, WA" Our story explores the life of Betsy Ough, founder of Washougal, WA. Born into a Cascade tribe, her Indian name translated meant "White Wing." Her tribal village was located at today's Parker's Landing on the Columbia River and her father was Chief Schlyhouse.  In her early twenties, White Wing met a British trader a...
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Forgotten Stories of Clark County Women – The Voices Seldom Heard

Part 1 — Stories of 19 th Century Women Who Influenced Clark County Welcome to the podcast series of the Friends of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. This series gives voice to the " Forgotten Stories of Clark County Women – The Voices Seldom Heard. " In the 19 th century the population of Clark County, WA, increased dramatically from the size...
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April Felting with Juneko Martinson

​ Date ​ ​​ April 7, 2018 ​ Time ​10 am- 1 pm ​ Skill Level ​For all skill levels, ages 12 and older ​ Fee ​$25 Location​ Fort Vancouver Visitor Center​ Space is limited. Please call 360-816-6216 if you would like to attend. Each kit if for one corsage, but if flowers are made slightly smaller, two flowers may be made and attached to one stem. Each...
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Songs upon the Rivers Author Talk

French speakers significantly influenced the history of the Pacific Northwest. Author Robert Foxcurran will discuss and sign copies of his book, Songs upon the Rivers: The Buried History of the French-Speaking Canadians and Metis from the Great Lakes and the Mississippi across to the Pacific. 2 - 4 pm ​ ​ April 7, 2018 ​Fort Vancouver Visitor Cente...
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