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Janet Fisher: The Shifting Winds

Janet Fisher's novel, The Shifting Winds, tells the story of the American pioneer experience in the Pacific Northwest through the eyes of Jennie Haviland, a young woman who settles in Oregon City with her family in the early 1840s. Jennie is at first upset by her family's relocation to the rugged Northwest, but Oregon's prospects look brighter when she meets a British Hudson's Bay Company clerk who asks to court her. But a brash American mountain man also seeks Jennie's affections. The Shifting Winds provides a fictionalized account of the tension between American settlers and the Hudson's Bay Company's operations at Fort Vancouver, which serves as a prominent setting in the novel.

Janet Fisher's great-great-grandmother was an Oregon Trail pioneer who went on to purchase her own farm in Oregon in 1868, which Fisher now owns and operates. The story of this farm is the subject of Fisher's first book, A Place of Her Own, also available at the Bookstore.

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