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Pat Courtney Gold, Artist

Now on display at the Visitors Center: Native American baskets and quilt by artist Pat Courtney Gold
Today we installed a new exhibit in the Visitor Center's "Expressions of Culture" area that highlights the work of artist Pat Courtney Gold of the Wasco tribe. The exhibit includes unique baskets with intricate tribal designs and a story quilt made by Pat in the tradition of her people. Pat's work will remain in the Visitors Center until the summer of 2018. 

Don't miss this opportunity to see her work in person!

Artist Visit

On Saturday, December 9, at 2 pm at the Visitor Center, Pat will be giving a talk about her work and indigenous Plateau culture.

The Story Behind the Quilt

Coyote is wise, an entertainer, a teacher, and a trickster. Coyote asked the Creator if he could help put the stars in the sky. The Creator told Coyote that he was not dependable, but Coyote begged and begged and said that he could do the job. Creator relented and gave him a basket of stars. After awhile, Coyote got bored placing the stars in the sky, and decided to make designs but could not think of any. 

Bear came along and said, "Coyote, put me in the sky; put me right in the center where everyone could see me and I can guide them." Coyote agreed. We call the bear design the Big Dipper.

Then rabbit hopped up and saw bear in the sky, and said, "Coyote, since you put Bear in the sky, you must put me and my family in the sky, too.

Everyone likes rabbits." Mouse overheard Rabbit and squeaked, "Coyote, you must put little animals in the night sky. You must put me and all my family in the sky." Pygmy Owl was flying overhead, heading for his burrow, his home. He listened to bear, rabbit, and mouse, then hooted, "Don't forget us birds! You must put all of us in the night sky, too!"
Frustrated, Coyote barked, "You are all too noisy and demanding! I can't put everyone in the night sky! Putting stars in the night sky is just too much work."

So Coyote grabbed all the remaining stars and threw them up into the night sky. That is how Coyote made the Milky Way.

Meet the Artist

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